Recovering from my desperate anxious state wasn't something I could've done without the correct knowledge & guidance. I also wouldn't be where I am spiritually without some of these fine souls. Check them out!

Doctor Claire Weekes

The pioneer of the acceptance method & who I owe much of my success to now. Chances are, that without her the WonderBro YouTube channel wouldn't even exist! You can find several of her videos on YouTube & she has also wrote several books on recovering from the sensitized anxious state. Thank you for everything, Claire!

Eckhart Tolle

A spiritual guide who is absolutely filled with knowledge about the mind. Eckhart has taught me much of what I know about thinking & the destructive power it has if you're completely consumed by it. You can find many of his lectures on YouTube & he's also written some very helpful books, such as the best seller, 'The Power of Now' highly recommended.

Alan Watts

Although difficult for some to understand at first, Alan Watts is an excellent speaker who touches on some extremely deep subjects concerning the human mind & life in general. If you find that his lectures are too confusing for you at first, that's okay, just keep listening. You can find an endless amount of his talks on YouTube & he has also written several books.


A kind lovable soul who will help you along your spiritual journey. Mooji has written a handful of helpful books & you can find his lectures on YouTube.