For the longest time I fought with my anxiety. I thought I had to fight. I thought fighting was the only way I'd ever recover & regain control of my life, but I was wrong. After discovering the brilliant Dr. Claire Weekes & reading her book 'Hope & Help For Your Nerves' I realized that I had been going about recovery the wrong way. For those of you unfamiliar with Claire Weekes, she was the pioneer of the acceptance method for anxiety, which is now what I live by & preach to others. You're probably wondering.. how in the hell would accepting these awful feelings heal me? Well, let me explain! Whenever you fight with your feelings of anxiety, all you are accomplishing is stressing your nerves out even more. It's the very fight you're putting up that is keeping you feeling ill. Ironic, isn't it? You see, the brain watches your reactions to the anxiety it's giving you to see if you're truly in danger or not, that's all it has to go on. So, If you freak out when anxiety/panic comes your way, the brain says to itself 'Ahhh so I'm doing my job correctly! There was a real danger they needed protecting from!' & then it goes on to make a note of that experience & continues to keep your anxiety levels high to protect you from danger. So how do we recover? It's simple really, we stop the fight. We quit obsessing mentally over our feelings & just let them be. We chalk these uncomfortable feelings up as nothing more than a stressed out & tired nervous system that means good, but is just a little out of wack right now. We change our perspective from 'OH NO!' to 'I'm just going to accept these feelings & let them come & go for the time being' that is how we heal! I know, I know.. it sounds too good to be true, but this IS the way to recover. I don't care how long you've been ill, I don't care how bad off you think you are, I don't care how long you've been dealing with this thing, you can recover with true acceptance. For so long you've been fueling the fire, adding more & more stress to your already stressed nerves. For so long you've struggled against these harmless feelings. For so long you've obsessed.. but it's time to change all of that. If you wish to recover, it's as simple as giving up the fight. Stop obsessing by choosing not to follow those pesky negative thoughts, just say to yourself 'no thanks' & then come back to reality. Stay out of your head & accept the anxious feelings in the body. I know how terrible those feelings can seem, but a lot of it is due to your obsession & the gas you're throwing on the fire. Please.. give acceptance a try. It isn't an overnight cure as it does take time to retrain a brain, but you will see progress as you move along. So, stop fighting, stop obsessing, & let your nerves heal. I've been at the lowest of the low when it comes to anxiety.. trust me! But now I feel better than I ever have. I'm no different than you. If I can recover, so can you. For more information & helpful videos on the acceptance method among other things, check me out on YouTube @